I had an oncology follow-up appointment today, as I've had at least once a year for the last six years ...
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Smoke-Colored Glasses

The world is on fire, figuratively, literally and literally again. Politics, police killing people, protests, riots, Covid-19, climate change, and ...
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Two rows of four pictures each representing the seasons. Top row: A rain puddle with drops, a willow catkin, cherry blossoms, rolling green hills. Bottom row: A sunflower head, wheat heads, a dirt road strewn with autumn leaves, an ice coated branch.

Um… Oops?

When I started this blog back in February of 2019, my greatest hope is that it would help me sort ...
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Nature plays an important roll in any pagan path, particularly those that style themselves as Naturalist or Pantheist. Atheopaganism definitely ...
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Saving That Which We Love

I attended a lecture by Jane Goodall at UCLA when I was about ten or twelve years old. It was ...
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Happy Harvest!

Happy first day of Autumn!! It’s gorgeous today, and I feel so lucky to live in San Diego when the ...
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Pickling Pickles

Fermented pickles, one of the joys of my summer ...
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Born Pagan

It’s the night of the full moon and I only just realized. I’m too tired and wrung out from travel, ...
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Review: Forgotten Skills of Cooking by Darina Allen

From my review: I marked this book as read, although I didn't read the whole thing. It's a cookbook ...
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Return to Hearth and Home

Travel is over, and I am home.  I managed to stay healthy through my journeys, but now that I’m back, ...
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Our Uncontrollable Fates

We have returned from Alaska— actually, about five pounds more of me has returned from Alaska. Unsurprisingly, I overindulged. With ...
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Summer’s Child, Born of Litha

I am Summer’s Child, born in the season of Litha. This is my soul season, if one could be said ...
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