What a wonderful way to start the day and how lovely that it coincides with Astronomical Cross-Quarter of Heartha. Meaningful Coincidences are good for the psyche. Good news on a good day makes them both all the better.

Heartha is the Sabbath of Hearth and Home, of togetherness, kindness, love and understanding. However things evolve from here, for now our country has spoken up for what is good and kind over the lies and divisiveness espoused by the current head of our government.

I hope as we move forward that the current regime for once acts like America matters more than their own selfish needs and does the right thing in stepping down with grace, respect and honor.

Have a beautiful Heartha, my friends. Eat the foods of your people in vast quantities and love one another with vastness of heart.

¡Sláinte, Prosit, Salud!

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