Tonight the moon is blue, it matches my mood– and I hope– desperately hope, it will match the color of the election returns map come Tuesday.

Tonight is also Samhain or Halloween or Hallow’s Eve, which ever is your holiday of choice. I lean toward the last. Samhain’s Wiccan wrappings aren’t my thing, and although I love a good secular Halloween, I won’t be getting one this year thanks to the pandemic.

But Covid can’t take away Hallowtide. The time between Hallow’s Eve and Heartha that I devote to remembering and honoring the recently departed, and sometimes the not so recently if their memory still impacts my life. This year I’m grateful to have lost no one close to me. With all the hundreds of thousands of deaths in the US alone, this could have been a much more tragic time, and the last thing I need this year is more tragedy.

In many pagan traditions Samhain marks the start of the new year. While I don’t follow that practice. I’m a die hard New-Year’s-eve-celebrating, Rose-Parade-watching, upholder of the traditional, secular New Year. This year, though, it gets a bigger nod from me. I could use a reset right about now.  New year, new me– or perhaps, new world. With the election only a few days away, I may get it. It’s a tad unsettling not knowing if it’s going to be better world or a worse one, but I’m hopeful.

Tonight I’ll light a candle in honor of my grandparents, a dear friend who past away two years ago, and also for Ruth Bader Ginsberg, may her memory inspire a new generation of fierce and amazing women. I will also eat way too much candy, and maybe watch a scary movie. Then, late at night, when the full Blue moon shines bright and high in the sky, I’ll stand below, feet on the ground, and honor the dead by reaffirming my commitment to make the best of my own life, rain or shine, blue or red.

Have a Joyful Hallowtide Everyone.


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