This morning I woke up in the backyard. That could be the start (and end) of a pretty good story, but its neither, it’s more the middle of an interlude.

Quarantine has been— interesting. Its had its lows, more than its share of them, but it’s had some pleasant moments as well. Waking up in the backyard falls into the latter category.

We’ve been hoping to do a little backyard camping this summer— except this summer has been ridiculously hot. It only cooled down when the smoke from fires that are raging up and down the coast blocked out the sun for a few days. Air Quality left something to be desired though, so we stayed inside.

This weekend the smoke has retreated and the temperatures are starting to fall naturally. We pulled our teardrop trailer into position, and set up a canopy which was infinitely harder than we remembered. It turned out we were trying to set it up inside out, and had a good laugh at ourselves when we finally figured it out.

Then we went inside for a couple of hours because we were hot and sweaty from our exertions. It wasn’t quite as cool as it seemed earlier. Backyard camping does have some benefits over being out in the middle of nowhere.

By evening things took a turn for the pleasant, we hung out, grilled carne asada and enjoyed the air, the sun and the presence of nature, cultivated though it might be.

I wish I had taken pictures, but honestly the backyard is a bit of wreck this time of year, garden beds are half full of summer’s straggly victims. There’s more than a few weeds in the garden because MJ doesn’t spend much time weeding amongst the ornamentals when the temps get above 80.

There’s also a bit of chaos associated with setting up our rabbitry. We have a new rabbit currently in quarantine on the patio, which means there’s lots of rabbit related paraphernalia outside the normal bounds of such things. Hubby has been doing a lot of work on the teardrop, updating the battery to lithium, building a solar panel system to keep it charged up while out in the boonies, and so there’s the remains of his workspace on the patio as well.

Things are less than neat. They’re real, unlike a lot of pictures perfectly staged blog photos out there. If I weren’t quite so fragile these days I would be brave and share my real. But I’m sad about so many things that I have no control over, so sharing a picture documenting how I apparently can’t get my own personal crap together in order to change something I DO have control over, well that’s just picking at the wounds before they even have a chance to scab over.

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