It’s the night of the full moon and I only just realized. I’m too tired and wrung out from travel, and family, and the physical and emotional debris generated by both that still needs tidying up.

Instead of a writing about the full moon, instead of any ritual, I leave you with this thought:

Pagan isn’t something that you convert to.
Pagan is what you already are.
Paganism is inherent in human experience. Everyone is born pagan.
Anything else, you have to be made into.
“Becoming” pagan, then, is a process of recovering what’s already yours, yours by right.
~Steven Posch

All one needs to do to be Pagan is to just be pagan. Rituals, robes, ceremonies, crystals, candles and what have you are nice, but they’re not what really matters. Who you are matters, and we are all children of the Earth and of nature from the moment we draw our first breath.

Ritual is good for us, don’t get me wrong, but it isn’t what makes us pagan. That comes from within.

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