How do you view world?

“In the most general terms, there are but two world views. One can take the view that life is sacred or that life is a commodity. A sacred view of life gives birth to feelings of duty, protection, and love. It emphasizes values of joy, beauty, happiness, and caring and sets up an internal constraint against the exploitation of other individuals, groups, or species.” — L.G. Boldt

I don’t need to point out that our world is what is is because “commodity” is the choice of the powerful and wealthy who rule over us. Our entire culture in US is built around capitalism which treats everything as a commodity. It’s killing us, it’s killing the world as we know it.

I can’t change the country, but I can change myself. I can speak up for change so that another person might also change and speak up and inspire another person, and so on. Where ever we end up as a society, as a species, it won’t be because I did nothing. There is so much we can do on an individual level and it all begins with recognizing that if you think the world and life is sacred, then you can’t treat it like a commodity. It’s not there to be exploited for your pleasure.

Stop buying crystals that are being strip mined by the forced labor of children on other continents, for starters. Go pick up a rock outside your house. An ugly one, covered in dirt, brown, unpolished and recognize the power of that rock. The pure energy of a child not tortured, of a planet not scarred by its extraction, of pollution not spewed out of ship that carried it from another country that is not your own. Tell me how this ugly rock is less than the pretty crystal that is a symbol for everything that is wrong with the world. Tell me how you’re a good witch or pagan if you can’t see why that crystal is part of the problem. I’m all ears.


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