I’ve used the term “Atheopagan” a few times in previous posts, but I haven’t written much about what that exactly means, especially in the context of my own life and path. I’ve written about the Atheist part of my life more than once, but the pagan side remains ill defined. I’m still not sure where I’m going or what I’m doing. It’s ever-changing at this point as I discover what fits, what works, and what is truly meaningful.

The main purpose of this blog, at least when I conceived it, was to explore the pagan bits. I’m no stranger to Atheism, but beyond a brief fascination with witchy things in my youth (which quickly dissolved to skepticism) and a steady consumption of folklore and mythology since— I’m new to the pagan thing.

As I mentioned in the last post, I don’t really remember how I ended up getting from A to P (so to speak) or where and when I realized Atheism and Paganism didn’t have to be mutually exclusive. I do remember searching on Facebook for Atheist Pagan, though, and that’s how I found Atheopaganism. Modern magic.

I read, and it resonated with me. The group was a veritable oasis of calm, understanding and kindness in a divisive and ugly world. Mark Green, the founder of the group wrote this about what Atheopagan is:

“Not all Pagans worship gods or goddesses or believe in literal magic. Atheopaganism is a supernatural-free, godless tradition of celebrations, observances, meditations and other meaningful practices, the goal of which is to increase happiness both individually and in society, and to foster the development of a more sustainable, just and kind world. “

I also liked the encouragement for members to create their own Wheel of the Year that fits their local climate and personal preferences. As someone who lives in a place with long hot summers and mild winters, the traditional Wheel, always felt off. Yet, I love the concept of the Wheel, a lot. The passing of the seasons, the cyclical nature of life. It is central to my developing practice and why I named this blog “A Circle of Seasons”.

For more information on Atheopaganism:

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