I am plagued by vocabulary right now. I want to separate myself from religious and theist language, but it’s difficult to find words that are meaningful in the ways I want them to be, without out also bringing in religious baggage.

Holy, Divine, Blessed, Prayer, Invocation, Devotional and the problematic word of the day: Sacred

I wrote the following (well, most of it) before I began questioning such things as language choices. I wanted to write something that captured the depth of my personal beliefs, and the religious language came all too easy. Perhaps because or language evolved in a religious and theist crucible there is no adequate secular alternatives to these concepts. Perhaps I just need to work on my own baggage instead.

We are surrounded by the sacred.
It can be seen in the infinite beauty of the night sky,
In the diversity of our world,
In the art we mortals create.

It can be heard in the rhythm of the waves,
In the song of birds,
In the music we compose.

Be kind,
Be strong,
Respect the yourself,
Respect others,
Respect the Earth.
It is the source of our potential
To grow into our own sacred-selves.

Look to the stars and you look into infinity.
Incomprehensibly vast,
And I am so small.

It is humbling to consider how very inconsequential I am in the vastness of the cosmos. Yet exhilarating to understand the infinite number of events that had to fall into place to bring me in to being, and mold me into the person I am now.

All of that at once, so infinitesimally small and yet inconceivably rare.


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